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Anti Spam Services

Cutting-edge anti-spam services to protect your inbox from unwanted messages and potential security threats. With's innovative solutions, such as advanced filtering algorithms and real-time monitoring, you can say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with spam emailsOur comprehensive approach ensures that your email communication remains efficient and secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Cloud-Based Filter that Allows you to Filter Spams with Ease
  • Prevent spam from reaching your domain

  • Always find important emails

  • Filter as many email addresses as you want

Why choose Anti-spam Service?

On-Point Accuracy

Updating and maintenance by bots every minute of the day.

Easy Installation

Typically consumes less than 5 minute to install.

Spam Detectors

We take no chance and have incorporated our own virus detectors.

Reduced Price

Limit’ is not one of the services we offer.

Quarantine Viewer

Discovered spams put inside an easy-to-use quarantine holder.

99.99% Uptime

High reliability & availability for your email

99% false positives

Spam prevention solutions auto-learns spam using automated systems.

30-Day Backup

Automatically retains your clean mails

Cloud-Based Filter

Customer domain is allocated to servers in diverse locations.

Technical Support

Dedicated assistance from professionals

Anti- spam Email Specifications

You can use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol) on a secured connection.

Storage for Mailbox

Running short of storage for your mailboxes? You can buy additional storage. 


Secured and Spam Free

Since security is an inherent requirement of any business email, we provide a secure login to the mail service.

Cloud Email Solution

Keep your emails safe from software crashes and malicious viruses. Access your mails from anywhere.

Our Anti-spam Service Features

Anti Spam Software Service detects the validity of email addresses. No need to train, install or configure anything.

Daily addition of over 12,000 filters

Anti Spam Software detects and adapts to every new spam threat with the help of numerous spam detectors all over the world.

Administered by experts

Our spam-tech team works 24 hours to build and test filter rules, resulting in steady filtering accuracy.

Realtime tracking of sender behavior

We track over 100 million senders and their behaviors in real time. The filtering procedure determines a sender’s reputation.

More than 25 million filters

 An unbelievable set of filters analyze every single email. Each filter is minutely checked for its accuracy range.

Outperforming the competition

Our false positives are rarer than other spam filtering systems, while our ability to detect spam is higher than most.

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