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Site Backup

CodeGuard is a GIT-based off-site website backup and monitoring service. It monitors your website for any changes and notifies you accordingly. It also provides frequent backups and restore options to prevent downtime or data loss for your website.
CodeGuard Site Backup Plans

For Small Businesses & Individuals

  • 1 GB Disk Space

  • AES 256 bit Encryption

  • Upto 5 Websites

  • Unlimited Databases

  • Automatic Backup Every 5 Days


For Freelancers & Bloggers

  • 5 GB Disk Space

  • AES 256 bit Encryption

  • On-demand Backups

  • Upto 10 Websites

  • Unlimited Databases

  • Daily Auto Backups


For Designers & Developers

  • 10 GB Disk Space

  • AES 256 bit Encryption

  • On-demand Backups

  • Upto 25 Websites

  • Unlimited Databases

  • Daily Auto Backups


For Design Agencies & Businesses

  • 25 GB Disk Space

  • AES 256 bit Encryption

  • On-demand Backups

  • Upto 100 Websites

  • Unlimited Databases

  • Daily Auto Backups

Why choose CodeGuard Site Backup Service?

Automatic Backups

Securely store daily website backups in the Cloud

Change Monitoring

Receive instant alerts for any website changes

Robust Encryption

Encrypt website backups using AES 256-bit encryption technology

Backups On-demand

Get unlimited one-click website backups

Site Backup Retention

Select how long you want to keep your website backups

Website Time-Machine

Restore your website to any point in time

WP Plugin Updates

Ensure your WordPress plugins are always up-to-date and secure

Priority Queuing

Stay ahead with the right CodeGuard backup plan

Concierge Restore

Enjoy priority restoration assistance from CodeGuard engineers

Mobile Access

Manage your website backups on-the-go

site backup.jpg

Backups are incredibly important, especially in the event of lost or compromised website data. CodeGuard is a professional online website backup service that provides automatic website backups for businesses. CodeGuard's cloud-based website backup solutions ensure that all website data is securely backed up in the cloud. Additionally, CodeGuard safeguards customer data and sensitive information such as passwords and databases.

CodeGuard's website backup solution offers numerous benefits, including mobile access, easy website restoration, regular updates for WordPress plugins, daily website monitoring, on-demand backups, and more!

ResellerClub offers four different CodeGuard plans tailored to suit your website's needs. Some features include a 30-day money-back guarantee, individual file restoration, full website restoration, and robust encryption using AES-256 techniques.

CodeGuard Site Backup Features
CodeGuard's Regular Monitoring

CodeGuard monitors your website(s) daily. If any changes are detected, you'll receive an alert email detailing what was added, modified, or deleted, along with a timestamp. Our Website Backup Service is designed to address the challenges faced by small business owners, making fixes effortless. Trusted by many, CodeGuard ensures your backups are secure, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

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