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Features / Datacenter & Network Details

The idea of a globally dispersed datacenter was first proposed by us. All of our Products and Services are hosted in our Datacenter, which is comprised of redundant server infrastructure spread throughout the globe.

Salient features of our Datacenter

  • Effortlessly combines hundreds of separate servers.

  • Provides redundancy, high availability, and unparalleled dependability.

Features / Datacenter & Network Details

Our data servers are located in many data centers across the globe. The majority of these data centers have several characteristics, which we list below:


The data centre has round-the-clock security guards to prevent network outages and unauthorised access. Visitors are guided at ALL times when moving around the building. Every entry and room is under constant surveillance through closed circuit television. The datacenters are safe due to the presence of cameras, an access control system, and a security staff.


Data centres maintain comfortable temperatures with the use of redundant air conditioning systems. Each unit is maintained in top shape by being rotated with the others.


The data center can function on a much smaller fraction of the total incoming electricity. In the event of a blackout, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) will activate a backup generator. Power conditioning and backup UPS systems are installed in the data centers.


Gigabit ethernet connections to the internet are provided by many backbone providers using fibre optic cables that enter the datacenters at various places.

Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems

With regular water-based systems causing as much damage as a fire, data centers have instead installed specialized fire detection and prevention systems designed to safeguard servers.

Why our Datacenter?

Scalability & Reliability

Our data center is an intricate network of interconnected servers located all over the world. All of the design is based on tried-and-true concepts like high availability, clustering, and n+1 architecture. By adding infrastructure and connecting it to this design, we can easily expand our solutions to keep up with your exponential development. You are shielded from details like scalability, availability, network response, and so forth.

Global Reach

We, together with our partners, have made investments in infrastructure installations in many different regions throughout the world. You can now take advantage of this worldwide network to provide your customers a branded, international service without breaking the bank. We deal with all of the Infrastructure suppliers in the globe, including selection, negotiation, and relationship management.

White Labeled Architecture

To provide your customers and resellers as many hosting alternatives as possible, our datacenter is a collection of redundant servers running a wide variety of operating systems. We have complete anonymity with regards to the servers and IP addresses since they are white-labeled. Name servers for services hosted on these servers will utilise your company's name servers if you are one of our Resellers. As a result, to your customers, these groups of hundreds of servers would look to be YOUR servers.

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