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Features / 24 X 7 Server Monitoring

24/7 Network and Server Protection at an Enterprise Level

Our infrastructure is made up of globally distributed clusters of highly available computers running a wide variety of operating systems and software. To learn more about our Virtual Datacenter, please go here.

Maximum availability requires a reliable monitoring system. These days, each web services provider handles dozens, if not hundreds, of servers, each hosting dozens of different services. It's a monumental undertaking to manually monitor all of the services running on a single server around the clock, and doing so for a fleet of servers is just unfeasible.

Businesses that either have a subpar monitoring system or none at all are more susceptible to costly service interruptions and downtime. Damage from a seemingly little problem may quickly escalate if it is not caught in its early stages.

System administrators can see the status of our internationally dispersed infrastructure in its entirety thanks to our suite of monitoring systems and tools. We keep an eye on a wide variety of metrics that indicate the state of our servers and the services they host.

Services monitored include -

  • Network Connectivity

  • SpaceServer Disk

  • Server CPU Usage

  • Server Memory Usage

  • Web Services - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP

  • Email Services - SMTP, POP & IMAP

  • Database Services - MySQL, MSSQL

  • DNS Services

  • All Log Files

and More...


All of our Infrastructure Monitoring Staff get instant notifications if a server or service fails or resource utilization exceeds predefined thresholds. The notification system also manages the escalation of problems, such as sending SMS notifications to higher level system administrators and, finally, to Management if the issue is not fixed within 'x' minutes.

All of the information helps us find and fix problems quickly, giving your clients uninterrupted service.

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