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Accelerate Your Business with Wix Website Design

Prior to commencing the wireframing and initial design of your Wix website, we undertake a crucial business discovery phase. In this phase, our team of brand and Wix experts delve into your business goals, target audience, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). This comprehensive understanding guides us in positioning your brand and website effectively. Subsequently, we proceed to develop the initial layout and wireframe of your new Wix website.

Our Core Wix Services
Expert Wix Design

Collaborate with our skilled team of Wix UX/UI designers, developers, graphic artists, and web strategists. Together, we'll craft a top-tier, engaging, and impactful Wix web design tailored specifically for your business needs.

Wix App Experts

Our team of specialists is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the optimal online tools and Wix applications for your website. From online booking and CRM to live chat, online payments/invoicing, lead generation tools, SEO optimization, online advertising, and beyond, we provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Leading Wix Developers

Wix offers a multitude of powerful apps, integrations, and third-party tools. Our web development team, specializing in Wix, guarantees a seamless, fast, and potent performance for your Wix website.


Wix Dashboard Experts

Your Wix website features a robust backend dashboard, empowering you to enhance your online advertising, SEO, content marketing, email campaigns, e-commerce endeavors, marketing automation, and beyond. Our team of Wix developers ensures its proper setup and provides comprehensive guidance on utilizing its full potential.

Top 100 Wix Partners

Our team of Wix developers ranks among the top 100 Wix partners globally! Discover the unparalleled expertise they bring and witness firsthand how our Wix experts can propel your business's online growth with a dynamic, cutting-edge Wix website.

US-based Wix Support

While Wix serves as a robust CMS and website platform, navigating its features can occasionally be daunting. Our dedicated team of Wix web support professionals, based in the United States, is here to alleviate any confusion or challenges you may encounter. By entrusting your Wix-related tasks to our experts, you can focus on what truly matters—expanding and enhancing your business ventures.

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The Established Wix Web Design methodology we follow.

Website Discovery

Website Strategy

Automate & Optimize



The established method to drive your business Towards Success.

Thousands of businesses worldwide have experienced accelerated success and growth through our time-tested approach: Brand. Build. Grow! By adhering to our proven process, you'll swiftly cut through the clutter and forge deeper connections with your customers than ever before.






1 | Website Discovery

Before diving into wireframing and designing your Wix site, we conduct a business discovery phase. Our experts analyze your business goals, target audience, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). This helps us understand your brand positioning before creating the initial layout and wireframe for your new website.

  • Wix Exploration Consultation

  • Preliminary Brand Exploration

  • Evaluation of Business Objectives

  • Wix Wireframing

  • Strategic Wix Layout

  • Wix Tool Integration Strategy

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2 | Wix Strategy

The distinction between a satisfactory Wix website and an exceptional one lies in the utilization of online tools, layout techniques, and marketing automations. This underscores the significance of the Wix website strategy phase. We assist in selecting the most suitable Wix apps, online tools, and compelling layouts and designs to maximize outcomes and conversion rates, fostering a sustainable growth strategy.

3 | Wix Website Layout

Each page and section of your Wix website narrates a compelling story, presenting your services or products to convert visitors into loyal customers. With expertise in UX/UI design, our team crafts modern websites that attract and retain the ideal clientele, ensuring repeat business for your venture.

  • Wix Site Map Framework

  • Wix Navigation Hierarchy

  • Wix Subpage Organization

  • Wix Website Navigation Blueprint

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4 | Wix Developers & Designers

Choose from a variety of stunning Wix themes, but customizing them can be overwhelming. Let our US-based team of Wix specialists elevate your website design, incorporating smooth functionality and strategic layout to surpass your competitors.

  • Revision Drafts on Wix Platform

  • Designing User Experience/User Interface for Wix

  • Creating Content for Wix Websites

  • Graphic Design tailored for Wix Platforms

  • Weekly Collaborations for Ongoing Enhancements

5 | Automate & Optimize

Our online tool team is ready to collaborate with the Wix design and development teams. They assess your website and business objectives, integrating appropriate Wix apps, third-party software, and marketing automations like Wix Ascend CRM, Live Chat, Online Booking, E-Commerce Functions, and more.

  • Establishing CRM System

  • Configuring Online Tools

  • Implementing Marketing Automations

  • Setting up Wix Hosting and Domain

  • Website Training Sessions

  • Wix Support Services

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